W2go is a social network with many exciting features! 

All members have the ability to not just stay in contact with friends and see what they've been up to, but also to see which friends have attended an event, are there at that exact moment or are planning to attend! 

Becoming a member of W2go means you're the first to know when a business near you has an amazing offer, and the opportunity to book directly though us. You'll never miss a hot deal again!

Possibly the most exciting feature of the app is that members have the ability to earn money at the click of a button! By sharing a deal or an offer a business is advertising on your social media accounts, you earn a percentage of every purchase that is made using the link that you have shared. It really is that simple!

Do you want to visit a new venue? Are you looking for somewhere new to eat? Why not take a look at the venues your friends and other W2go members recommend. You can even leave your own reviews, a star rating and the current waiting time.


Don't miss out on all W2go has to offer, join with us today. 



Where to go out? The question on everybody's lips.